Stephen King Slams Warner Bros. For Holding Back New ‘Salem’s Lot’ Film

Stephen King Salem's Lot
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Famed writer Stephen King is not happy with Warner Bros. One of his epic horror stories Salem’s Lot had been made into a new film and King has given his stamp of approval. Even so, Warner Bros. has removed Salem’s Lot from its upcoming theatrical release calendar and it has now been confirmed that it will be sent straight to streaming. It will be available to stream on Max sometime in 2024.

“Salem’s Lot” was one of King’s earlier novels and follows a writer named Ben Mears who returns to his hometown to write about an abandoned mansion only to discover that the residents are becoming vampires. It has been compared to a modern retelling of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The 1975 novel spawned a two-part television miniseries in 1979 and several other adaptations and prequels. In 2004, TNT released a mini-series starring Rob Lowe.

Salem's Lot Reggie Nalder, 1979

Warner Bros./Everett Collection

The new movie stars Lewis Pullman as Mears and was originally scheduled to be released in September 2022, then April 2023, and now has no release date. Makenzie Leigh and Bill Camp will co-star in the film.

Author Stephen King arrives at the premiere of Paramounts' "The Manchurian Candidate" at the Samual Goldwyn Theater on July 22, 2004 in Beverly Hills, California

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Apparently, Warner Bros. has not even told King the reason for the change as he wrote on social media, “Between you and me, Twitter, I’ve seen the new SALEM’S LOT, and it’s quite good. Old-school horror filmmaking: slow build, big payoff. Not sure why WB is holding it back; not like it’s embarrassing, or anything. Who knows. I just write the f—— things.”

Salem's Lot James Cromwell, Rob Lowe, 2004

Erik Heinila/TNT/Everett Collection

What do you think about a new version of Salem’s Lot? We’re hoping it will be released soon! At least it is still being streamed, unlike some other Warner Bros. films that were ultimately scrapped for tax purposes. It has been a long time since there has been an adaptation of the film and if King likes it, fans are sure to approve.

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