New Star-Studded Series ‘Palm Royale’ Includes Carol Burnett, Laura Dern, Allison Janney & Ricky Martin

Palm Royale Kristin Wigg
Apple TV+

Boy, what a cast! The upcoming new Apple TV+ series Palm Royale, which follows a former pageant girl named Maxine (Kristin Wiig) who infiltrates 1960s Floridian high society and will do just about anything to make her mark there, is loosely based on Juliet McDaniel’s novel Mr. and Mrs. American Pie, and has got everyone from the iconic comedian Carol Burnett to Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber to pop star Ricky Martin (who spends about half the series without a shirt on).

Carol Burnett in Palm Royale 2024

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The real queen bee of the show is Burnett’s Norma Dellacorte (above), who runs Palm Beach society even when she’s somewhat comatose for a large portion of the series. “Most of the people in that society, they’re afraid of her because she has a lot of secrets on them,” the icon explains. “She’s not a very nice person.”

“It’s a bit of a frolic at the beginning,” the actress added. “Then it gets darker as you watch it.”

Laura Dern in Palm Royale, 2024

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In addition to Burnett, Laura Dern plays a hippie (pictured above) who has fled her lavish childhood upbringing in lieu of activism and bookstore meetings, which is at times a hilarious counterpart to the rigid, old-fashioned pageant girl views Maxine brings with her as they build an unlikely friendship. And don’t even ask what role Ricky Martin plays; he is a chameleon, sometimes working at the club and sometimes taking care of Norma, but nearly always at odds with Maxine. An unusual show in many ways, but always visually stunning, Palm Royale is a treat for anyone who likes a good story and even better wardrobe.

Palm Royale Ricky Martin

Apple TV+

Ricky Martin looking suave


Palm Royale

Apple TV+

Ladies of the high society, Julia Duffy, Allison Janney and Leslie Bibb


Allison Janney in Palm Royale, 2024

Courtesy of Apple TV+

Allison Janney gets the royale treatment


Palm Royale, Series Premiere, Wednesday, March 20, Apple TV+

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