Are Your Precious Moments Figurines Worth Hundreds or Even Thousands?

Precious Moments puppies

If you’re an ’80s or ’90s kid, chances are your family purchased at least one Precious Moments figurine for you. Each year, I’d get one as part of the birthday train collection. Just like Beanie Babies, I think we all thought they would be worth something one day. So, are they? Turns out a few of them could bring you a pretty penny if you are willing to part with them, or even your entire collection. Precious Moments were created by Sam Butcher, an artist who created the teardrop-children, rooted in faith. He reportedly drew the illustration and the figurines came to life after a visit to Japan.

He met master sculptor Yasuhei Fujioka San and told him how he wanted his drawing to come to life. San made the illustration into a figurine and Butcher soon made Precious Moments into a business that truly boomed in the 1980s and 1990s.

Precious Moments


If you have one of the original 21 figurines from 1978 that are now retired, you could sell them for some extra cash. They include:

Unto Us, A Child Is Born (E-2013)
Jesus Is Born (E-2012)
His Burden Is Light (E-1380G)
Come Let Us Adore Him (E-2011)
Love Lifted Me (E-1375A)
Jesus Is The Answer (E-1381)
Make A Joyful Noise (E-1374G)
Prayer Changes Things (E-1375B)
He Leadeth Me (E-1377A)
We Have Seen His Star (E-2010)
Jesus Is The Light (E-1373G)
Jesus Loves Me (Boy) (E-1372B)
Jesus Loves Me ( Girl) (E-1372G)
Love One Another (E-1376)
God Understands (E-1379B)
Smile God Loves You (E-1373B)
God Loveth A Cheerful Giver (E-1378)
Love Is Kind (E-1379A)
O, How I Love Jesus (E-1380B)
He Careth For You (E-1377B)
Praise The Lord Anyhow (E-1374B)

If you have a complete collection, you could sell it all for around $15,000, according to past eBay sales. Limited-edition or holiday-themed figurines have also been known to sell for a few hundred dollars. A version of the “Make A Joyful Noise” figurine sold for around $400-600 while a rare 2010 edition Disney Cinderella horse-drawn carriage piece sold for $1,500 since there were only 1,500 of these made in the world. Another Disney figurine called “True Love Conquers All” is selling on eBay for over $2,000. “God Loveth A Cheerful Giver” figurine sold for around $200 as well.

Cinderella Precious Moments


So, it seems that if you want to sell Precious Moments for thousands of dollars, you better have a very limited-edition version or sell a bunch at once as there are well over 2,500 different types of Precious Moments figurines. As time goes on and some of these figurines become even more rare, they could increase in value too.

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