It’s a Good Thing: CNN Looks at ‘The Many Lives of Martha Stewart’

The Many Lives of Martha Stewart CNN
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Everyone has an opinion about Martha Stewart. Whether she’s a force for good or ill, there is no denying her influence on millions of people or her impact on our culture at large.

How did Stewart, a pioneering young stockbroker on Wall Street in the 1960s, turn a Connecticut catering business into a media empire? And how did she nearly lose it all and end up in a federal prison camp?

CNN’s four-part, two-week documentary series The Many Lives of Martha Stewart is an in-depth look at Stewart’s rise to success, the power of her polarizing brand, her conviction and imprisonment for insider trading, and her rise from the ashes to find a different kind of fame.

According to a CNN release, the series weaves together “never-before-seen images from Stewart’s past, rich archival footage including from Stewart’s numerous sit-downs on CNN’s Larry King Live, and exclusive interviews with Stewart’s former employees, colleagues, fellow inmates, and closest confidantes, this illuminating series pulls back the curtain to reveal the woman behind the legendary lifestyle icon.”

The Many Lives of Martha Stewart Episodes on CNN

Episode 1: Setting the Table Sunday, Jan. 28, at 9pm ET/PT
Martha Stewart leaves a life on Wall Street to pursue her love of cooking and hosting.

Episode 2: Crafting an Empire Sunday, Jan. 28, at 10pm ET/PT
Martha faces harsh criticism as she expands her domestic living empire.

Episode 3: In Hot Water Sunday, Feb. 4, at 9pm ET/PT
Martha is a millionaire, but links to insider trading threaten everything.

Episode 4: The Comeback Sunday, Feb. 4, at 10pm ET/PT
Martha is back and bigger than ever. And making new friends along the way.

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