6 Things You Never Knew About Mr. Baseball Bob Uecker on his 90th Birthday

Bob Uecker, on the microphone at baseball field, July 25, 1987
Gene Trindl/TV Guide/Everett Collection

Now that we can sit outdoors and soak in the sunshine while holding a brew and watching baseball, did you know Mr. Baseball himself turned 90 this year? Bob Uecker is a Milwaukee legend and has been the radio voice of the Milwaukee Brewers for decades. He was a major league catcher and has appeared in movies, national baseball broadcasts, television commercials and shows, and perhaps most iconically on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (he was a guest over 100 times!).

In 2004, he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and his induction speech still remains one of the best in its history. In honor of his very special birthday, learn some interesting facts you may not know about the baseball legend.

1He hosted ‘SNL’ and kind of flopped

Hey, you can’t win them all! Uecker hosted Saturday Night Live in 1984 and the episode was not really a stand-out. Even so, how many people can say they hosted the live variety show?

2He starred in ‘Mr. Belvedere’

Mr. Belvedere Christopher Hewett, Bob Uecker, 1985-1990

20th Century Fox Film Corp./Everett Collection

Uecker starred in the 1980s show Mr. Belvedere, also starring the late Christopher Hewett. In the show, he played George Owens, the breadwinner of the family who works as a sportswriter and eventually a sportscaster. The show follows English butler Mr. Belvedere as he tries to adapt to living in the Owens house in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, this show is not currently streaming anywhere but you can purchase the DVDs on Amazon!

3He loves to fish

Sportscaster Bob Uecker with the Milwaukee Brewers before play against the New York Mets April 15, 2006 at Shea Stadium. The Brewers defeated the Mets 8 - 2

A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Uecker is a great fisherman and has regularly been seen at Make-A-Wish Foundation of Wisconsin charity fishing tournaments.

4The director of ‘Major League’ had no idea Uecker was a radio broadcaster when he was cast in the film

Uecker plays Harry Doyle in the 1989 film Major League. The director, David S. Ward, cast Uecker based on his work on Mr. Belvedere and Miller Lite ads and had no idea that he was an iconic radio broadcaster until they met and started chatting. He became a fan favorite in the film. You can watch Major League on Max.

5He wrote a book

1990: Former catcher Bob Uecker of the Milwaukee Brewers stands beside basket of baseballs.

Stephen Dunn/Allsport/Getty Images

Uecker wrote a book called “Catcher In The Wry: Outrageous but True Stories of Baseball” in the ’80s about some of his famous teammates and stories from his baseball playing days.

6He was best friends with Norm Macdonald

Uecker was great friends with the late Norm Macdonald and Macdonald once shared a great story about how the pair were when they hung out together and how funny Uecker is.

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